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More of Mount Rushmore
The entrance to Mount Rushmore, with the sun starting to go down.

Left and below:
Some of the hills, facing the monument. The partial could cover helps to show the depth of these hills.
Some of The Black Hills. A look at the horizon, shows the surrounding dry plains, outside of The Black Hills, as a ring of yellow surrounding the green.
One of the resort areas nestled into The Black Hills.

The Black Hills.
Heading down some fairly steep grades, back towards the town of Keystone.
The roads twist, the grade is steep, and the scenery is great. This is motorcycle country.
The outskirts of Keystone.
A grocery store/general store, which is everything the visiting sportsman could want, with the mountains in the background.

The tourist corridor, through the middle of Keystone. This is complete with gift shops, souvenir stands, and even a fudge factory outlet.
Downtown Keystone.
Every possible thing having to do with Mount Rushmore can be found here.

Through the tunnel, and then back out into The Black Hills.
Another ranch, out among the Black Hills.
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