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My first real view of the main drag of Deadwood, was at night. This is not a bad way to see the place, as it seems to come into its own during the hours of darkness.
Deadwood has become quite the tourist area. It is famous for it' sold cowboy haunts, and for its main street, lined with casinos and hotels. Shown here is the entrance to Hickok's.
The Gold Dust Saloon (and casino).
A look up the street, past the Gold Dust, to the old Franklin Hotel.
A look at the corner where Hickok's stands.
A look down the street, at the many other casinos, saloons, and eating spots. The old time cowboys must have loved this place. Most of these buildings, and many of the businesses date all the way back to those times.
Goldbergs, the cigar shop, and a few other local businesses.
This was a slow time of the year (October), and a slow week night; but there were still a fair amount of people here.
Unlike Las Vegas, you actually can find a clock around here.
Some of the old dark buildings on the main drag. This place shines at night.
The monumental post office.
Approaching Deadwood, during the day.
The old freight station is now a bank.

The miners museum.
The post office, during the day, this time.
The courthouse

A look up one of the main streets, and at the neighborhoods climbing up the sides of the surrounding hills.
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