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More of Deadwood
The old train station, here at Deadwood. It has been converted, as have so many others, to a tourist information center.
Inside, the place has been largely restored to its former glory.
The old ticket counter, is now staffed by a guide, during business hours.
The old brick railroad station. This was the passenger terminal. The freight station was just outside of town, and has been converted into a bank.
The old mine, sitting at the base of one of the local hills. There are plans to turn this into some sort of retail mall or tourist trap.
The Franklin Hotel, seen during the day, presents a much less forbidding visage.
The main drag takes on a whole different look and feel, when the sun is shining. Supplier truck line the street, replenishing the various saloons and restaurants, for the coming night.
Saloons, black jack parlors, and trading posts line the streets of Deadwood.
Goldberg's which, as the signs says, is where they captured the killer of Wild Bill.
One of the blocks on main street. This is
The granite front of the Bullock Hotel, standing here since the days of the old west.
Great door handles, which appear to have be real guns at one. time. It makes a guy feel real at home, to grasp one of these while entering a saloon.
A look at the Wild Bill Bar, one of many establishments profiting by this long dead icon of the old west.
A look out on the floor of one of the casinos.
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