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The Milwaukee Air Expo 05

The Blue Angel Team

  The four planes of the main group flying in close formation.
Though it is forbidden for aircraft to fly faster than the speed of sound over civilian areas, airflow over certain parts of the aircraft can exceed mach 1. When this happens, condensation forms, as can be seen below.

The Blue Angels, in  tight formation, and splitting off like the blooming of an aerial flower.

Breaking formation, in what looks like chaos, the Angels swap positions, and then split apart. The announcer informed us that all of these moves are based upon dog fighting tactics.

Together again, for the moment, the team shows just how close four aircraft moving at several hundred mile an hour can get.

The Angels split, and accelerate away from each other. A fraction of a second latter, they are  well apart. After a few seconds they can be nearly out of sight of each other.

Closing with each other again, the whole formation looks constantly about to tangle and crash.

The two planes of the smaller formation race to join the rest of their flock for the end of the show.

A five story building, flying through the air.

Gathered for one last pass, all six Angels fly together.

The group pulls more tightly together, showing the crowd of observers the true nature of precision flying.

More tightly still, and the men in those multi million dollar machines are closer  together than most people drive their cars.

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