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Update History

Feb 20th, 2008
* Canon FD Lenses* iMac G3 * Linus2 * Nomad *MRE * Epiphone Dot * Creating Music * XV-88 Keyboard * Gibson SG *Stratocaster
Jan 18th, 2008
 * Guinea Pigs* Browning Gold 10 ga *
December 10th, 2008 (delayed updates, due to a fire, and forced move)
 * Bullet Proof Vest * - Updated *
Raven *Apple 2 * Destroyer Turner Joy *
August 15th,2008
The Cobia WWII Submarine*
July 15th,2008
Oak Ridge* Nuclear Tourist
June 7th,2008
Remington 870 (20 gauge) * Nevada Test Site *
March 22nd,2008
Jewel Cave  * Wind Cave * A Trip to The Black Hills * Nike Site * S&W Sigma * The Death and life of S&W
December 16th,2007
Daisy 16XK  *   The First Nuclear Reactor * Taurus Judge *
October 27th, 2007
 The Greenbrier Bunker * Argonne National Laboratory * Fermilab  UPDATED *M-1 Carbine * Ruger 10/22 *Rossi Puma 454 *Henry 22 * HK-91 * Mech-tech
September 3rd, 2007
*The S.S. Badger - across Lake Michigan *
August 15th, 2007
* Bushnell NVD binoculars* Updated * G2 NVD * Safari Gen I nightscope
July 31th, 2007
* Marlin 17 *
June 1st, 2007 (Late update, due to a trip to Alaska)
*A trip to Trinity trip log
Feb/March, 2007
Updated many of my gun pages, with new photos and text. In particular * Beretta 21 * Beretta 52* Beretta 96 *Para Ord 12 * Para Ord 15 * Browning High Power * Buckmark * Raging Bull * Mini Revolver * M65 * M629 *M657 * M57 *Dan Wesson 357 * Remington 870 *Mossberg 590 *
Jan 26th, 2007
Update * Carlsbad Cavern * Mammoth Cave * The KiMo * Louisville Slugger *
Dec 18th, 2006
Updated * Colt Gold Cup * Glock pistols * Glock 21 * Glock 17 * Glock 19
Nov 30th, 2006
*The Saiga 20   Updated * AK-47
Oct 31st, 2006
*Titan Missile Museum * Spam Museum *
Oct 20th, 2006
No firearms related updates for now; but there is an atom bomb, and an ICBM will be coming soon.
*The Trinity Site  *Standin on The Corner
July 31st, 2006
* Taurus 941
June 28th, 2006
* Minuteman Missile NHS*
May 31st, 2006
*Ruger Super Blackhawk *
April 29th, 2006
Updated *S&W M-27 * M-1917 * Colt Detective Special *
April 15th, 2006
Updated * BDA * PPK
March 10th, 2006
Seperate but equal * Updated P-38
Feb 2, 2006
The High Standard Sentinel MKI *
December 31, 2005
Updated *S&W M-669 * Marlin Camp Carbine * Cleaned up all of my links
December 7th, 2005 (Happy Pearl Harbor day, Joe)
*Milwaukee Air Expo, and The Blue Angels * A Journey by Rail * Updated my Route 66 Photo Page
October 25th, 2005
* Added some material or updated *M1917 * Contender * The Thompson *
August 30th, 2005
*An Energy/Leathality Calculator * The Mighty 17 * The Taurus 17 revolver *
July 26th, 2005
*Sparky the computer * Updated Dan Wesson * George Washington *Updated Cray
April 18th, 2005
* Mogul the A/V computer
March 29th, 2005
Whew! Just spent two days loading up about 150mb of audio files, via dial up connection. Yes it really can be done, but it is not fast or pleasant. Time to get high speed. * Audio clips from my dad's record albums, made back in the early seventies.
  also added yet another pointless opinion, this time about, * Whole word 
February 8th, 2005
* Twin Cities, and more of the River Road *
December 8th, 2004
* Jazzman-the life of a jazz musician in Milwaukee  
November 8th, 2004
 *More of the Mississippi, and the Great River Road, including Dubuque, and parts of Illinois *Night Views*
October 18th, 2004 (late again)
*The semi auto Thompson (Tommy Gun) *
September 14th
*Harley 100th party  Updated * Nframe (with new photos) *The Magazine Ban
July 31st
* Painted Desert, and the Petrified Forest Updated *Night Vision Night Shot * Darkstar Night Scope
July 5th , 2004
* Harley Davidson 100th celebrations around town *Harley Links (Updated)
May 31st,2004
* Harley Davidson 100th lakefront activities  * Sedona
May 2nd, 2004
* Prairie du Chien, LaCross, and the Upper Mississippi *Meteor Crater
Updated *Gun Accessories with photos *Dan Wesson Revolvers
March 28th, 2004 April 10th, 2004 (took longer than I thought)
*Harley Davidson 95th birthday *Safety Testing *Started My Photography Section with *Canon Cameras
Feb 29th, 2004
*Yellowstone 2001  Updated * Concealed Carry section *
January 30th, 2004
* The Rendezvous at Prairie DuChien * Operation and disassembly of the Calico * The Wonder Nine invasion
December 29th, 2003
 *The Harley Davidson 100th anniversary parade
December 7th, 2003 (Celibrating another Pearl Harbor day)
*Updated Revolvers, with photographs * The Snub Nose
November 16th, 2003 (missed my October update; so much to do so little time)
Problems fixed on new domain * Rolling Thunder exhibit at the Harley 100th *Steppenwolf at HD 100th * Doobie Brothers at HD 100th * The final concert at HD 100th
September 28th, 2003
*The Ruger Vaquero * The Dan Wesson 357 *The S&W M-27
September 7th, 2003
* The Dan Wesson 44 Magnum * Preview of Harley Davidson pages
Updated July 31st, 2003
Moved site to new server (old site will be up until end of 2003) * High Res gun gallery * Lever action Rifles (updated a bit)
Updated July 6th, 2003
*The Grand Canyon(2002)
Updated June 24th, 2003
* Hummingbirds of the Mississippi  *Small update on Harley Davidson, including ticket and lodging information for the 100th
Updated May 31st, 2003
*Fairness and Right  *Maria Gonzales *The Village* The Night Owl NOXG2 *Updated Night Vision*The eye at night *
Updated April 20th, 2003
*The first two of my Harley Davidson Reunion pages (more to come)
Updated March 31st, 2003
*The Bushnell Holosight *
Updated March 9th, 2003
New photographs for a number of firearms. Marked with the date (3/03) on the collection page.
Updated January 31st, 2003
*The Dan Wesson revolvers *Updated *Dan Wesson 22
Updated December 7th, 2002 (Happy Pearl Harbor day)
*Route 66 Pages**Updated *My Shack
Updated November 18th, 2002 (No gun stuff this month, but I love route 66)
Ham radio gear *Kenwood TS-711a *Radio Shack HTX-200
Updated October 5th, 2002 (I turned 45 today: getting old)
*Buddy Rich, back on line* Calico pages, back on line*
Update September 15th, 2002
* Browning Hi-Power (P-35) * Updated *Kenwood Ts-440*
Update August 14th, 2002 (over a month late)
*The Mighty 44 *Puma 454 lever * S&W M649 *Laser weaponry *
Updated May 30th, 2002
*The threat of assault aircraft*The Para Ordinance system *The Obsolete revolver*Integrated Travel Pages *Integrated Buddy Rich pages *Integrated Calico pages
Updated April 15th,2002 (have a happy tax day)

Walther P-38
* Bearcat 250 *
Updated March 24th, 2002

Brought my Computers section up to date*S&W M-65

Updated February 17th, 2002
*S&W N Frame* *Concealed carry*

Updated January 25th, 2002
No new computers, or guns, this month, but I did greatly clean up my Links. Updated *The AR-15 *

Updated December 15th, 2001
*My Shack *S&W M-657  *S&W M-57 *Wish List (several additions here)

Updated September 22nd, 2001
Yet another pistol *The S&W M629 * also added to my links, and organized them a bit.

Updated July 9th, 2001 (Late again)
Added two new pistols*Browning BDA *Smith and Wesson M29 *, and updated *Smith and Wesson M28, My newest computer *Pandora

Updated May 26th, 2001
Section on *Sony Nightshot *Nightlinks  Updated my *Ham radio pages *No name.22 *Cassul .454 * Massive updates on my *Travel out west section *

Updated April 21, 2001 (a month late, busy, busy; so much to do, so little time)
    *Coachgun *The Chief *Timbuk2

Updated February 24th 2001
    Finally put up the first installment of my *Travel out west section. I needed to move my Calico site to another server. It was hosted on, and is always slow to load, and often down. I would host it here on Eartlink, but I am limited to 6mb, and it is a constant struggle to keep my site within this limit.

Updated January 9th 2001
    *The Electoral College *The .22 rimfire *

Updated December 16th 2000
 Updated *Local Interest  * Calico .22  *the S&W M-669 *some details added to Mech-Tech *

Updated October 5th 2000
 Revised and updated my links, also *Buying a Gun On-Line Updated *AK-47 Also made some changes on my* Calico site

Updated September 17th 2000
 *Calico Site  Updated *the .45 Auto

Updated August 29th 2000
     *Mech-Tech * Pistol/Carbine combo

Updated August 7th 2000
    Essays on  *Mini Revolver* Buddy Rich *Campgun .9mm

Updated June 23rd 2000
    Essay on *Scatterguns, updated * Contender

Updated May 23th 2000 (Happy one year anniversary)
    Essays on *Insurance, *Guns and Freedom, updates on  *Contender *Night vision (including sections on the *Safari, and the *Darkstar)

Updated May 2nd 2000
    Finished *Battlesights, Updated *Remington 1100-48

Updated April 15th 2000
    Finished *Shiplinks, essays on *Money and freedom, *A Social Disease, *For the Children ,new section on *Nightvision Updated *Personal (including  a revealing new photo)*Adam computer, and a section on rapid fire devices in *Semi-Fullauto

Updated April 8th 2000
   My newest interest is*Amateur Radio I have updated *Education links  and combined my links in*All Links

Updated march 17th 2000
*Who are these liberals, and why don't they want me to own a gun? *Work, money and value.

Updated March 4th 2000
Got *Junior set up along with a bit on *Unix

Updated Febuary 13th 2000
*Linus has been updated again, along with a section on *Linux, I have a general section on the *Calico and there is also a section on *Local laws and freedom in my opinion page also some comments on *the magazine ban

Updated January 30th 2000
*Junior, and * Linus my Unix/Linux machines.

Updated January 2nd 2000
Taurus *Raging Bull revolver. new scope for my *Texas Magnum rifle.

Updated December 24th (my last update of the millennium)
Revised *my network; fixed some of the many spelling and grammar errors;

Updated December 11th
New *Energy section in bullet lethality*a bit of an update on Linus, my Linux machine.

Updated November 5th
Updated *Educational links  *Bigguy  *

October 17, 1999
Updated my* personal section to reflect my new job, also introduced *Norman, my new Novell server, and did a section on gun accessories. There is also my confession about my interest in guns.

September 23, 1999 (four days late)
Too busy to get my update in on time, I have rebuilt three of my computers, and been searching for a new job. Update on *Bigguy, also update and photo on* Chief and *Watchman

September 15, 1999
Small update. *Started my opinion pages, more will be added as I proofread.

 August 31, 1999
    *AR-7 page   *Air Rifle page   *Picture of Raven   *Some spelling and grammar mistakes fixed ( I suspect the later will be an ongoing process)   *updates, etc. (this page)    *Updated "Personal" section.