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This site went on line May 23rd 1999. The update history will start at the August 1999 update.
I try to update or add material every month, but am often late. I am also, slowly changing some of my photo pages (mostly in the Travel section) to better compose themselves at the higher resolutions now being used by many computers. They were originally designed at 800x600, but 1024x768, is now getting to be a default resolution, and it can unfavorably change the look of some of my pages. These changes will be made slowly, to existing pages, as I find the time. I am about to purchase Adobe GoLive, and plan to enhance this site quite a bit, over the coming year. I also plan on, to borrow a phrase from our esteemed politicians, revising and extending my remarks. This would primarily by about my firearms. I had initially just wanted to get the specs and the photos up, and did not go into as much detail as I would have liked. I have already done something of the sort on my Calico, Dan Wesson, Thompson, and Para Ordnance pages, and would like to give all of my firearms this level of coverage.

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* Waiting to die * Zion National Park * Ham radio accessories * Velocity and Barrel Length * High tech, then and now * 45 carbines * Psychology  * Race * Democracy * Alaska * Night Photography * Stereo Photography * Panoramas * National train day * Harley 105th * Milwaukee Air and Water show * Mackinac *

Recent Updates
(In the last year or so)
November 4th, 2023
New *LaCrosse rest area*

May 7th, 2023
New *S&W Bodyguard 38*

April 15th, 2022 New *Midland GMRS*
July 23rd, 2022
New *Bond Arms Derringer*
Updated *Concealed carry*Remington 760*
April 15th, 2022
New *Midland GMRS*

December 31th, 2021
New *Mauston* Lyndon Station*Sparta*Bangor*Marion*

September 23th, 2021
New *Grant County Rest area*

January 30th, 2021 New *Janesville Rest area*
December 30th, 2020
New *East Troy Rest area*

November 6th, 2020
New *Portage Rest area*

October 5th, 2020
New *Taurus PT738*Poynette Rest Area*

September 22, 2020
New *Switchblades*
August 18, 2020
New *Lomira Rest Area*

April 10, 2020
New *Beloit Rest Area*

November 8, 2019
New *Beretta M-81*
October 12, 2019!!
New *Kenosha rest area*Lake Mills rest area*

January 2nd, 2018!!
New *The Browning 1911-22*

December 31st, 2017
New *The Eclipse*
August  7th, 2017
New *Elkhorn Rest Stop

June  6th, 2017
New *WCTC Shooting Range
April 4th, 2017
New *Wisconsin highway rest stops
January 6th, 2017 (I have been back in school and very busy, first update in a year)
New * Heritage Rough Rider * Stinger Crossbow * TS-811 review - site error fixed

September 26th, 2015
* S&W M&P 45 * Updated S&W M-28 

June 30th, 2015
* Standard C228a * Updated Calico carbine * Camp Gun 9mm * Camp Gun 45 *

June 7th, 2015
Updated (new pictures mostly)  Remington 1100 * M-14 (M1A) * Calico M-100 *

Feb 1st, 2015 (After a very long absence)
Canon EOS-M* Canon EOS 20D* Midland 70-1630B*
Jan 26th, 2014
MFJ-249 Analyzer * CD-715 radiation detector * Civil Defense gear *
Oct 22nd, 2013
Zenith Transoceanic D7000
Sept 15th, 2013
Midland Syn-Tech XTR * Uniden Washington 
July 4th, 2013
Eton M300 SW
April 21st, 2013
*DJ296 220
April 23rd, 2012
* Concealed Carry (Upd)* Concealed Carry in Wisconsin*
Feb 16th, 2012
* Kenwood TS-60s*
June 20th, 2011

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Future Updates
Working hard on additional travel pages, including various travels around my home state of Wisconsin. Opinion, and miscellaneous pages Firearms, the outdoors, and gun politics

About this site (What is this place?)

    Frankly, it's my playground, my attic, and my scrap book.
    The "personal" section gives some details about me and my interests, and should give some idea of why I chose the subjects that I did for this site. I was initially going to make this a computer site, but the internet is choked with computer sites of every description already. Many (maybe most) of them are written by far more knowledgeable people then I.  I do not pretend to be a computer expert (except when applying for work), and any attempt by me to create an informational site about computers would require a vast amount of effort to produce what would essentially be a second rate rehash of information better presented on other sites. The same goes for my other hobbies (Firearms, Sailing, Photography). Each of these pursuits has produced an enthusiastic following of very well informed, knowledgeable and experienced professionals, and hobbyists. Many of these people have put up web sites. Working within my limitations, I have decided to make this a truly personal site, reflecting my own experiences, expressing my tastes, and showcasing my hobbies. I share what knowledge I have; I give my opinions, and I try not to make too many mistakes. Expert opinions may be found on some of the sites in my links sections.
    This site has been divided into separate sections for each subject. Each section has its own page of related links, and each is like a little sub site of it's own. Most people on the net have, at the very least,  a passing interest in computers, but many people do not care for firearms. There are actually some people who are bored by sailing (hard to believe, but true). I have kept the sections separate in order to appeal to people of all tastes who may share some, but not all, of my interests. I like to think of myself as an explorer. Exploration requires an active mind and a good set of tools. These pages describe some of the tools and techniques used to explore and interact with the world.
    I have also put this site together using very basic techniques. There are no bells and whistles, as I prefer substance to style. I also have an abiding dislike for two of the most abused bits of trickery on the net --- Java, and frames. Actually a properly done web site using frames is not too bad, but most of them are so poorly done they are almost impossible to navigate. Java, though hailed as this great cross platform language, is slow, cumbersome, and has a tendency to make a computer unresponsive while the applet loads and runs. I hate it! I actually do have Front Page, but I do not yet see any reason to learn how to use it. The program saves pages in a style that I do not care for, making manual updates difficult. There are also many servers that still do not support Front Page extensions. This site was initially laid out using Corel WordPerfect 8, as this program is more than able to work within the rather spartan format I have decided upon for this site, and has been updated using the Page Composer component of Netscape Communicator. The result --- a site which is (I hope) informative, interesting, quick to load, and not too demanding of computer, browser, or bandwidth. Every web master should show so much consideration for his "users".
    The final point about this page is that it is real. It reflects only what I have actually done, and only the tools and toys that I have actually bought and used. The Firearms photographs were taken of my own collection, using my HP C20, and latter Canon D30 digital cameras, and using the gray carpeting of my living room floor as a back drop. The computers were photographed using the same camera. All of the pictures were then cropped and converted to jpeg images using Photoshop (love that program). This is in contrast to many hobbyist sites which can become trips into a sort of fantasy land. I have seen gun sites with richly illustrated and detailed descriptions of an assortment of machine guns and assault rifles, exotic pistols, and other paraphernalia, obviously put together from other sources by a person who owns none of these guns, and knows only what has been written by others. There are similar pages devoted to boats, and to computers. These pages seem to deal only with large yachts, or with the latest generation of top of the line computer equipment.
    Properly written and researched these can be informative, even invaluable as sources of information, but often they are just one person's fantasy, and may be factually inaccurate. Everything on this site comes from firsthand experience. If I lack knowledge or experience on a certain subject, I refer the reader to my links section, where first hand information can be found. The reason I am so obsessed with this is that in my own wanderings around the web, I have found a bounty of misinformation, rumor presented as fact, poor research, and repetition of incorrect facts. I can't tell you how many times I have seen sites telling me that Glock pistols can pass undetected through airport screening,
    Please enjoy the site, if you spot any errors please let me know so that I can set them right. I have tried to make everything as factual as possible, and, with the exception of the bullet lethality section, have written from personal experience. Unless otherwise stated, all pictures were taken and/or modified by me (including my Einstein in ed links). I would be flattered if anyone else cared to use them, but please let people know where they came from.